Bath where air temperature reaches 45 degrees C and humidity is almost 100%. The steam is mechanically generated and enriched with aromatherapy oils and herbal aromas. Much lower temperature makes it possible to take much longer bath than in dry sauna.

Crucial element of bathing is cooling the body with cold shower to prevent hypothermia. Steam forma bath deeply penetrates the skin so it is moisturized. Bath as such stimulates skin to dispose of metabolic wastes and toxins also enhancing immune system. Thanks to its relaxing character and influence on the nervous system steam room is a perfect way to cheer oneself up.

Turk Sauna:

  • temperature: approximately 48°C, humidity 100%
  • environment: moist (steam with herbal essences)
  • ideal for cleansing the skin and respiratory tract
  • suggested duration of stay: 10-20 minutes, 2-3 weekly
  • followed by: 20-30 minutes rest

Hotel Guest (up to 1,5 h) free of charge
For others Guests (swimming pool + sauna) 50 PLN