Whole body classic massage – the most popular is also a method of physical healing therapy as well as integral part
of vital regeneration. Influences the organism directly and indirectly, heals and prevents many diseases.
Is beneficial to mind and body.


Partial classic massage


Aroma massagewhole body massage based on three different types of aroma oils. Oils penetrate the skin
reaching nerve endings and causing the reaction of the nervous system. The person feels relaxed and at ease.
There three oils to choose from.

Hot stone relaxation massage has most of all relaxing and healing effect – perfect to eliminate all kinds of muscle tension and pain, affecting whole organism. Over 70 minutes your body is in contact with carefully selected and heated up to 40 degrees C stones. Their smooth surface enhances massage movements with unique intensity.

Anti - cellulite massage on the basis of the cosmetic product: Stop Cellulite Day Activator: slimming massage, activating metabolism. Aims at gaining blood congestion and activating possibly the largest part of muscles. Recommended to those who are less active, who have difficulties with getting slimmer despite exercises and who would like to reshape their body, especially women in post pregnancy period (2-3 week).

Relaxation massage – stimulates muscles, skin and cardiovascular system, affects nervous system and balances negative body reactions to stress. Masseur’s movements are soft, slow and rhythmical. The massage eliminates muscle tension, restores proper heartbeat and blood pressure, helps to fight insomnia. The aim of the massage is to minimize and eventually eliminate muscle, nervous and mind tension and reaching full relaxation and harmony.

Foot massage – aims at affecting foot receptors that are equivalent to different body organs. Gradually intensified pressure while observing reaction helps to release the energy all over the body eliminates pain and tension in the appropriate parts of the body.

Chinese cupping massage