Care treatment based on “BABOR” cosmetics

CALMING SENSITIVECouperose Treatment – treatment for sensitive, couperose skin. It soothes the skin,
constricts capillaries and improves elasticity of their walls, improves skin image and prevents redness
of the skin from reoccurring.


COMPLEX C - vitamin smoothing care treatment with application of algae mask


BLUE LAGUNE – therefreshing ocean facial care treatment providing intensive moisturizing and firming


MOROCCAN GOLD- treatment carried out on the basis of Argan cream. Regenerating and intensifying effect of cream is enriched with intensive concentrate of active substances closed in ampoules - Collagen Booster Fluid, which intensively stimulates the collagen production and makes skin staying elastic and soft


HSR SKIN ENERGY SYSTEM – a luxurious treatment for mature skin that provides
a lifting effect which restores the vitality and energy of the skin and makes it look visibly younger. An HSR-lifting complex with effective anti-ageing ingredients; it reduces the symptoms of passing time by intensely moisturising and smoothing the skin and preventing creation of new wrinkles.


HSR DE LUX Classic Ultimata Anty-Agig - Very intensive and luxurious treatment with anti-aging benefit, restores youthfull smoothness and elasticity, balances color & reduces appearance of age spots


DR BABOR DETOXIFYING VITAMIN TREATMENT treatment with intensive detoxifying and regenerating properties for the skin being impaired with external factors.


DR BABOR COLLAGEN BOOSTERtreatment using collagen patch for all skin types. It intensively reduces, soothes and wrinkles the profile.


 Care treatment based on BIOLINE,  SELVERT cosmetics:


PRIMALUCE – an exfoliating and brightening treatment using AHA acids.The effect of the treatment is smoothed, regenerated and brightened skin.
It is intended for mature skin with visible wrinkles and discolouration, as well as for oily and impure skin.


VINTAGE HYDRA INTENSIVE - deeply moisturizing treatment for dehydrated and tired skin


RENEWAL OF BEAUTY ­reneving and anti-aging treatment for acne skin, dry skin with changes and scars, based on an extract of snail protein.


REVALIANCE treatment for mature skin, smoothing wrinkles and improving the shape of the face, counteracting muscle relaxation and poor skin elasticity


LIFTING CODEexclusive treatment for lifting and filling, which beautifies both facial and neck features. Skin is more compact, tough and flexible.


COMPLATE & FAST CLEANINGtreatment for oily, acne and contaminated skin.


COMPLATE & FAST ANTYAGEING treatment for mature skin, which effectively firms, regenerates and improves its elasticity.


HIALURONIC LIFT – exclusive, anti-aging treatment, based on the use of high-and low-molecular hyaluronic acid, which increases the elasticity of the skin and fills the wrinkles from the inside.


Care treatment for men - “BABOR FOR MEN”

NOURISHING REVITALISATION – a beauty treatment that nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin from the effects of passing of time. It improves and strengthens the condition of skin and protects it for the future.


ENERGY RELEASE FACE - Relaxing and rejuvenating skin treatment for men. Active substances in a batch of new cosmetics effectively support skin regeneration, sooth and moisturize intensively. Treatment includes: neck massage with buffalo horn, skin trigger point massage and scalp massage.


MAN’S INSTINCT – nourishing and revitalizing treatment with the use of rich ground and floral resources


Eye care treatment

BLUE LAGUNEEYES – intensely moisturising and toning eye care with algae mask and a massage. It smooths, tones and strengthens the skin and prevents new wrinkles.


DETAILS OF BEAUTY – anti-ageing revitalizing treatment for skin around eyes and lips with the use of plant stem cells


Additional care:

Face massage
Face massage Effective Touch
Face massage with moisturizing ampoule
Face massage with regenerating ampoule
Eyebrow tint
Eyelash tint
Eyebrow and eyelash tint
Eyebrow regulation 


The most modern skin rejuvenation system based on the application of active ingredients into deep layers of the skin in a completely non-invasive way. All treatments include: face, neck and décolleté.

For mature skin 

For vascular, sensitive skin 

For oily, acne skin 

For dry skin 

Mesotherapy + „Details of Beauty” is a skin revitalizing treatment for skin around eyes and mouth, using plant stem cells.



A relaxing and beneficial way of injection of active substances contained in cosmetics.
Ultrasound in the treatment