In our SPA & Wellness you may take advantage of a wide range of treatments restoring a younger appearance, correcting defects of the appearance and imperfections of the body.

We recommend:

  • medical peelings (almond, pyruvic, glycol, TCA, Yellow Peel)
  • mesotherapy of the face and body skin
  • mesotherapy of the head skin (treatment of hair loss)
  • botox
  • filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid
  • shaping of lips, cheeks, the oval of the face
  • treatment of celullite
  • treatment of acne
  • treatment of hyperexcitability
  • reduction of adipose tissue
  • Anti-wrinkle prevention
  • comprehensive slimming treatments


Treatments rejuvenating skin

Biorevitalisation treatments of the skin are aimed at removing the epidermis layer along with its imperfections (scars, discolourations) and stimulating synthesis of collagen and elastin in skin-fibres, which make its backbone, deciding an appropriate tension. Thus, it comes to reduction of wrinkles and smoothing out of folds. They also improve skin colouring and add glossiness to it.

Dermabrasion – a treatment consists in a mechanical removal of the corneous layer of the epidermis with help of an abrading head covered in e.g. diamond microcrystals (diamond microdermabrasion). The depth of abrading is selected for a patient individually. The treatment stimulates cells of the basal layer to regeneration, improves the appearance of the skin, smoothes superficial irregularities and removes discolourations.

Dermaplanning – a treatment removing the epidermis with help of a device resembling an electric razor with an oscillatory blade.

Chemical peelings consist in controlled damaging of the epidermis or layers of the dermis by applying appropriate preparations. Dependent on the depth of penetration, they are divided into:

- superficial (the corneous and granular layer of the epidermis), e.g. fruit acids
- medium-deep (approach the boundary of the epidermis and dermis)
- deep (penetrate deep into the dermis), preparations of phenol, trichloracetic acid in different concentrations.

They cause deep exfoliation, healing of the skin after the treatment lasts about one month. Possible complications of peelings is a risk of activating the herpes virus and an erythema. Deep treatments should be performed solely by a doctor that decides the choice of a substance used for peeling and the depth of penetration, which allows avoiding complications.

Tretinoin mask SKINFIT:
Sensational peel-off preparation applied in form of a mask put on the face. It reduces shallow and deeper wrinkles, discolourations, improves elasticity and skin moistness. Effects are visible immediately after the treatment.

Wrinkle filling

Formation of wrinkles is a natural biological process connected with the loss of collagen in the skin, countenance and the effect of gravity forces. It intensifies under influence of harmful external factors such as: UV rays, cigarette smoke, an inappropriate diet. With age, the skin loses its resilience and wrinkles establish themselves and deepen, thus forming unaesthetic furrows and lines. Wrinkle fillers based on hyaluronic acid allow removing those defects. These are safe preparations, based on natural components. Nowadays, the most readily chosen agent, both by doctors and patients, is temporary filling preparations based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane ,Teosyal, Esthelis, Surgiderm). Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the skin and has a huge ability of binding water. Preparations applied for fillings are very elastic, which additionally boosts the effect of filling. They are safe, well-tolerated, yield practically no allergic reactions. The effects last 8-12 months.


Lips very often differ from the ideal, are narrow, asymmetric. Over the years they become less shapely, lose their firmness, the boundary between the skin and lip red fades away. The most applied fillers are hyaluronic acid preparations (Surgilips, Teosyal Kiss, Juvederm). They are safe, yield no allergic reactions. The treatment increases volume, it gives a great effect of moistness, shape of lips can also be changed by turning them out gently. Obligatorily before the treatment lips are aesthetised (infiltratively or with help of an ointment e.g. Emla) on account of very strong innervations. Effects of the treatment last 8-12 months.

Injections of botulin toxin (Botox)

Facial wrinkles are formed even in very young persons. Treatments of administering botulin toxin in the area of the face are aimed at removing those wrinkles by blocking selected muscles. The most often application is crosswise wrinkles of the forehead, „lion’s wrinkles”, ”crow’s feet”, correction of dropping brows and nose tip, neck wrinkles, gummy smile. With help of the treatment, a change of the face expression is successful – it becomes relaxed, grimaces disappear. The general countenance is retained. The effect appears after about 4 days from the treatment and last about 4 months. In case of deep and established wrinkles, application of combined techniques
(botox + filler) brings good effects. Botulin toxin is also applied in treatment of hyperexcitability. Complications that may occur are always of a reversible character and to them belong turning out of the lower eyelid, dropping of the upper eyelid, the so-called overcorrection (excessive raising or lowering of the brows), dropping of the corner of the mouth, furrows in a place of injection.

Shaping of the face features

With age, the amount of the subcutaneous tissue in the area of the face decreases, which causes a change of the oval, the features become more prominent, cheeks sink in, which influence the appearance adversely. Similar symptoms may occur in younger persons too, as a result of sudden slimming. Sometimes a recommendation for the treatment is inborn disorders of the face proportions. Very dense hyaluronic acid preparations are applied to volumetric treatments. They are administered into the areas of cheeks, temples, chin and shape them. Injections are deep, down to the subcutaneous tissue. The treatment is performed also with use of cannula. The effects are immediate, they last about 2 years. Hyaluronic acid, on the grounds of a great ability of binding water, additionally smoothes and tones up the skin.
Volumetric face treatment 2000,00 zł


Mesotherapy treatments are a great method of revitalisation of a flabby skin without glossiness. They are performed by a doctor and consist in intradermal injections of medicinal substances by means of a thin needle or by a needle-free method. Hyaluronic acid preparations, deoxyribonucleotides, dexpanthenol, multi-vitamin cocktails are applied. The skin becomes anaesthetised by a cream with lidocaine before the treatment. Medication is administered into the skin of the face, neck, decolletage, palms, shoulders by a method of microdeposits or nappage. Directly after the treatment, reddening, small swelling may appear. After the skin absorbs nourishing substances, it becomes more tense, smooth and more resilient. Mesotherapy treatments are also applied in cellulite and hair loss treatments. Contraindication against the treatment is pregnancy, allergies, cancer, coagulation disorders, diabetes, skin inflammatory conditions.


Unaesthetic callosities and irregularities under the skin surface are known to many women. Edemato-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy commonly known under the name of cellulite occurs in over 80% of women; it may already occur over the age of 15. Formation of cellulite involves a greater amount of the adipose tissue – in a woman’s organism it is about 25%; most of it lies under the skin. When we put on weight, connective tissue fibres that connect the skin with the subcutaneous tissue produce an effect of “squeezing” of swelling adipose cells, visible in form of irregularities, hollows and lumps visible in the skin. Orange skin appears most often on buttocks, thighs, belly. Its formation is connected with an inappropriate diet (too high intake of carbohydrates, coffee, table salt, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lymphatic circulation disorders, hormonal disorders, hormonal contraception. Inclination to form cellulite is often inherited. The treatment consists in applying an appropriate diet, gymnastic exercises and cosmetic and medical treatments. Massages, lymphatic drainage, treatments with use of ultrasounds, mesotherapy is applied.
Price of treatment - dependent on extensiveness of a treated area


This is a treatment consisting in performing injections of cocktail that melts the adipose tissue. It contains phosphatidylcholine, carnitine. The treatment is repeated several times at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

Price of treatment – dependent on a size of an area subject to a treatment

Treatments in SPA & Wellness are performed by a doctor in aesthetic medicine JOANNA KUREK-STOKŁOSA.
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